What does Perspicacity
do for me?

What is your strength? What are your talents? Who are you? What makes you unique?


Perspicacity gives you not only a much deeper insight into who you are but how to use your strengths to live a life with positive intention. We scientifically unlock your talent DNA... 1 out of 33 million people have the same Top 5 Strengths as you do.


What motivates you? Why do you do what you do? How do you feed your motivators to keep your passions alive?  What are you working on? What is making your personal legacy better? 


We’ve all taken personality assessments, locked them in a drawer and said, “eh that was fun”.  Deanna took one and it said she was brave and she said to herself, "Tell me something I don't know captain obvious".  This is different.  Perspicacity does unlock your talents and motivators through assessments but it is just the beginning… The assessment is only the map to the door where your active connections begin. Perspicacity is the key you need to unlock it. 

Perspicacity is the group with the knowledge and experience paying it all forward. Strengthening your life, your team and/or your Corporate Culture starts with Perspicacity. We invest in those committed to investing in themselves.

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