Effective Communication

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Communication and Public Speaking Master Class

Have you heard of the Amygdala Hijack? Dr. Daniel Goleman coined this in 1996.  It is a real thing... under stress our amygdala hijacks our frontal cortex and releases stress hormones.  This is exactly what happens when our nerves take over our communication skills. 

Don't get hijacked! Let Perspicacity show you the skills you need to manage your communication stress so it doesn't manage you. 

Anticipatory failure will hijack communication every single time until we learn how to manage the response.

In this course you will learn how to be the effective communicator you often admire.  You will master your communication and public speaking skills through Perspicacity’s interactive workshop. Invest in yourself and/or your company by getting in touch today and learn how to design and craft your message the right way.

Perspicacity is paying it forward with over 25 years of public speaking experience. This interactive workshop is insightful, dynamic, and reduces the nerve endings public speaking dances on. We teach you to love it with reduced stress. Your audience will leave wanting more.

Mastering your public speaking skills is much more fulfilling than just presenting in front of an audience. Perspicacity teaches you the 3 powerful C's successful people own and carry; Confidence, Communication, and Courage.

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