Client Onboarding

As your partner, Perspicacity will guide you

to becoming the Client-Centered Advisor with better connections...

What Better Client Connections Strengths & Values Profiles are...?

  • Get to know your clients quicker and more efficiently for who they are, not who you think they are

  • Learn how to talk to, approach and dive deeper with clients through their Strengths and Motivators 

  • See the world through the lens of your client by connecting each client to a value system using the propriety tool developed by Perspicacity 

  • Create a “how to talk to my best client” profile for deeper client engagement

  • Onboard new clients using Perspicacity Strength profiles

How it works in 3 Simple Steps... 

Advisor emails client/prospect personalized link to the Strengths Assessment provided by Certified Strengths Coach

Client takes Strengths Assessment with results sent to them immediately for personal development adding immediate unique value from Advisor

Perspicacity sends PDF of Better Connections Client Profile within 48 hours to the Advisor for deeper client connections creating connected clients for life